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Canary Wharf London

Services for individuals who want to invest in Greece

Investment Advice

We offer advice on those investments that fit your style, goals and risk tolerance, developing an investing strategy and making adjustments as needed.


Debt Management

We can create strategies to help you pay down your debt and avoid debt in the future



We will provide tips and strategies to create a budget that helps you meet your goals in the short and the long term.


Retirement planning

Likewise we will create a saving plan crafted to your specific needs as you head into retirement


Estate planning 

We will create a plan and help you identify the people or organizations you want to receive your legacy after you die.


Long- term healthcare and insurance

We will provide you with the best long- term solutions and insurances options that fit your budget.

Tax - planning include:

  • Tax return preparation

  • Maximizing tax deductions

  • Scheduling tax- loss harvesting security sales, usually around year-end

  • Ensuring the best use of the capital gains tax rates

  • Planning to minimize taxes in retirement


Creating a Financial Plan

All of this preliminary data will be combined by us into a thorough financial plan that will act as a guide for your future financial decisions. It begins with a summary of the key findings from your initial questionnaire and summarizes your current financial situation, including net worth, assets, liabilities and liquid or working capital.

The financial plan will highlight the goals you and our counselor will have discussed. Based on your estimated net worth and future income retirement, the plan will construct simulations of possible best- and worst- case retirement situations, including the unsettling possibility of outliving your money. In this scenario efforts can be made to avert that consequence. It will look at realistic withdrawal rates in retirement from your portfolio holdings.

After you review the plan with us and adjust it as necessary you will be ready for action.

We will create an asset allocation that matches both your risk capacity and tolerance. Simply put, asset allocation is a formula for deciding how much of your overall financial portfolio will be split among various asset types.


Regular Financial Monitoring

Once your investment is made, our advisor will send you periodic statements to keep you informed about your portfolio. Additionally, the adviser will schedule frequent sessions to discuss your objectives and advancement as well as to address any extra queries you may have. Making those encounters more frequent can be achieved by holding remote meetings through phone or video chat.

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