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Asset Management

The Portfolio Management is intended for investors (individuals, corporations, and institutional) who want to entrust our Investment Committee and its highly qualified certified executives with managing their investment portfolio (equities, bonds, ETFs, derivatives, mutual funds, and money market instruments).

Our investment solutions are based on factors including the establishment of a benchmark, the investment's time horizon, the anticipated return, and the greatest feasible reduction in the investment risks faced during the investment.

The investment products we provide to our clients through the Portfolio Management Service are individually created rather than in bulk (for example, end-investor transactions), placing a focus on the high level of information provided to each client individually rather than collectively regarding their portfolio, transactions, charges, and expenses, as well as their overall asset management.


Asset Management

1. We spend time getting to know your needs. We spend time learning about your investment needs and preferences.

2. We remain in touch with you. You can meet with us on a regular basis to discuss your continuing needs and make sure your portfolio continues to satisfy them. If you have any questions about your portfolio, you can always get in touch with your investment manager. Additionally, your investment manager will give you quarterly investment reports that include performance information.

3. We safeguard your money. There are no client assets held by Premium Value. We entrust AEPEY with the safe protection of your investments.


Access to local and international banking institutions and may assist with the opening, management and administration of bank accounts and other financial vehicles

  • Opening of personal and corporate accounts in Greece and worldwide

  • Processing, executing and tracking money transfers

  • Provision of bank accounts signatories

  • Economic profiles for KYC purposes

  • Tax compliance forms (FATCA, CRS, etc)

  • Assistance with internet banking facilities

  • Administration and maintenance

  • Custodian services

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